Bitcoin is the gold in Web 3 because it has store value. Ether is American Dollar because most of the trade goes on Ethereum. We have enough room for innovation, they all serve for different purposes. After Vitalik imagined a world where there is no admin he found bitcoin. He was a young and curious gamer who dare to imagine. So he imagined a blockchain based token that has dApps in it. If bitcoin is a calculator, Ethereum is a computer. They both work with 1s and 0s, remember? 

It is impossible to explain NFTs in one definition. People think NFTs are random online images. Vaguely NFT is a technology. College diplomas, land titles, concert tickets can be NFTs as well. NFTs are results of many advancements in internet technology. There are many articles and blogs about NFTs. Many people don't understand what they are and don't see the need to have digital assets. To comprehend these new concepts, we need to start from beginning. 

*This topic must presented in 4 hours in 2 weeks schedule. 

**Prior to the this topic  "History of Internet" , "Concept of Money and Digital Payment Systems" , "Blockchain" and "Bitcoin&Altcoin" are requried.