Educational and financial investments in Web 3 are for the future. There are many ways to exist in this world. Many people think concept of "living on internet" is new but most of us already have social media personas or play online games in real time with strangers.  These personas reflect what we like or hate, wish or fear etc. Playing online games  is just the beginning of metaverse experience.

Web 3 technologies will not solve every important problem but they will change how we interact on internet. In a short list, blockchain technologies can help brands and companies to be more transparent. NFTs can become a new way to connecting with people and building new communities. Metaverse can provide different platforms to socialize and have VR/AR experiences. 

These concepts are abstracts and require lots of research. In bull market, bitcoin and NFTs are hot but in bear market no one wants to talk about  it. I see these topics as learning computers back in the day. Bitcoin may not end up as the new American Dollar but blockchain technology will be there. You don't need to invest in NFTs and metaverse but you will be involved in the near future. 

If you are a company or a brand that wants learn about Web 3 or looking for a guidance in Web 3 please do not hesitate to contact us. According to your needs and interests, we will put a curriculum for you and your colleagues to expand your vision and knowledge in Web 3 related topics. We are here for people who wants to cross over the bridge from Web 2 to Web 3. These topics can be overwhelming but we are here to smooth the way for you.