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To understand the importance of bitcoin, we must know the history of money and how it is shaped by human factors. From bartering to bank notes money went through 6000 years old evolution according to social needs. Today, money is just a paper. There are 180 fiat currencies in the world, but American Dollar is the most valuable one. Do you know why? We are not economists but bitcoin is an asset so it is important to learn how physical money works.

Understanding physical money will give us the foundation of why we need digital money. Most people think bitcoin is the first digital asset and payment system. To a certain extend it is true because it is the first almost-worldly accepted working system. However, there are many attempts before bitcoin. We also need to know about these trials and errors to understand how valuable bitcoin is. 

For years we depended on central banks and governments to stabilize fiat currencies. In some cases this worked out but not for most of the world. Globally, 69 percent of adults – 3.8 billion people – now have an account at a bank or mobile money provider, a crucial step in escaping poverty. Today we can solve this with programmed money which means money can move faster than manual labor.  Also bitcoin is not under the influence of any person, organization or government. Isn't it exciting?


*This topic can be presented in an event or corporate training in English or Turkish.  

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