In the last 20 years, there is a big shift in the way we live on daily basis. Today from shopping to advertising, every part of commerce is online. When it comes to imagination, sky is the limit but when we apply it to real life we can go as far as technology lets us.


In 1990s, internet changed the way we communicate, in 2000s social media changed how we present our selves. Not just people but brands and companies are involved in this change as well. Consumers are looking for authentic approaches from brands and companies and they are expected to be active and exciting. Brands' social media strategies became so valid we even expect them to even political and comment on social problems. 

Most people will meet NFTs and metaverse through big brands such as Nike, Adidas, NBA Top Shot etc. These brands already have NFT drops and metaverse investments and they are aiming to lead the way. Even though "degens" are pioneers in Web 3, brands will have a big impact on how the industry will shape.  Keeping up with the trends is difficult in this period of time. News are valid for few days. What we know for certain can change in few weeks. At the age of communication, it is challenging stay away from fake news. Before diving in and building your own brand/company Web 3 strategy or product it is crucial to learn about what is Web 3. 

*This topic can be presented in an event or corporate training in English or Turkish.