Bitcoin is the first and longest running blockchain until this day. After its launch in 2009, Bitcoin became the most valuable crypto asset since it has the most data. Bitcoin was not the first attempt for digital money or non-fiat online payment. There were many attempts and failures to learn from which led Satoshi Nakamoto to put together bitcoin whitepaper.

"Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money."

We don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is/are but we think her/him/they were moved by the financial crisis in 2008 led many people to bankruptcy. Millions of people lost their life savings, houses and a chance of future in the mortgage crises. Since American Dollar is the main fiat for international business, it also affected more than American citizens. Therefore these people saw the need for a new concept for money that was not linked to governments or individuals with authority. Bitcoin may or may not end up as the next American Dollar but we are sure it did start a revolution.

After 2017 there were many ICOs aiming to be next bitcoin. Some are lost and some are still being used such as Ethereum. Today the number of crypto-assets has expanded significantly, with around 10,000 available on the market. To understand any crypto, we need to know how bitcoin works so we can contrast and compare. 

*This topic must presented in 4 hours in 2 weeks schedule. 

**Prior to the this topic "Blockchain" , "History of Internet" and "Concept of Money and Digital Payment Systems" are requried.