About Me.

After studying architecture and working in the field for years, I have become quite comfortable with abstract thinking and learning. Architecture school teaches you more than designing functional and beautiful buildings. It also gives you ways of researching, understanding human behavior, and keeping up with new trends and technologies. 

My journey in technology started with Windows 98. I still remember the moment when I "googled" Salvador Dali's paintings and printed them out. Seeing something that is out of the ordinary was very moving as a kid. The Internet took me out of my room and brought me thousands of new worlds. I got the same excitement when I first read about bitcoin and blockchain. Reading and writing about Web 3, I feel lucky to be a part of history. 

Arch. İpek Eyüboğlu



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MIT Media Lab


6 weeks online program about crypto assets by Gary Gensler and Neha Narula. Course curriculum includes weekly papers. 


MIT Sloan School of Management

Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

6 weeks online program about blockchain technologies and possible uses cases in different fields. Course curriculum includes weekly papers.


Northeastern University

Four year education in Architecture Major under BS degree. Other than intensive studio classes, architecture majors are obliged to work in six months co-ops in their field twice.


TED Istanbul College

Four year high school education in science and math department.